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The Right Choice 
In Pulse Oximeter Sensors

Sensoronics guarantees:

    • Reliable Data
    • FDA Approved
    • Low Contamination Risks
    • Trusted

Sensoronics, Inc. is proud to offer SpO2 Oximeters, SpO2 Sensors, Interface Cables and Accessories from leading manufacturers. After being in the industry nearly two decades our experts have made Sensoronics both respectable and trustworthy.

Our existing customers report our quality to be superior compared to many original manufacturers.
All our products are FDA and ISO approved to meet expectations of the industry. Cost savings range from 40%-70% over most suppliers, which represents thousands of dollars in savings.

Take a few minutes to review our products. We have large varieties of compatible SpO2 cables and sensors from leading brands such as Nellcor, Masimo, BCI, Nonin, Ohmeda, Drager, and Maxtec.

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